Mailman Media

We offer a bespoke service to meet your sales and marketing objectives, regardless of your budget.

Our partners come to us because we have a proven track record of generating leads, customers and sales for them on a regular basis.

We understand that every company is different and therefore we offer 4 options: 

Licensed access to our proprietary Property EngineTM and databases

For companies that already have an existing marketing infrastructure in place and are simply looking to access our exclusive proprietary database of property sales / rentals, we can provide this on a licensing basis. Each and every day, we track, monitor and collect over 18,000 records. For property-related companies, these databases provide an exceptional opportunity to grow and expand your sales and profits.

Direct mailing campaign service using our Property EngineTM

This is where you provide your marketing materials to us. We then print, envelope and mail these to our database of prospects using our proprietary Property EngineTM. Prospects then make direct contact with your business. If a partner prefers, we can assist with design and copyrighting also.

This is an excellent way to build new relationships with prospects and generate significant levels of new customers using data that is not available anywhere else.

Depending on the campaign and offer, we have been able to generate conversion rates from prospects to customers of up to 17%.

Even better, the cost of printing, enveloping and posting to a prospect using our Property EngineTM can work out cheaper than the cost of a single stamp!

Pay per qualified lead using our Property EngineTM

If you are looking for more direct control over your marketing costs, we can sometimes offer a pay per lead service whereby partners pay for each lead generated.

This has the benefit of fixing the costs and allows return on investment to be tracked more easily.

With this service, we work with you to design a campaign that optimises your offering and our Property EngineTM to provide a steady and consistent stream of highly qualified leads for your business.

Revenue share model

For a select number of partners that are able to demonstrate a proven track record of converting prospects into customers, we can sometimes work on a revenue share model.

This has the advantage of reducing upfront cost to partners to generate new leads and customers, in exchange for a share of the revenue for all sales achieved.