Mailman Media

Our proprietary Property EngineTM, backed by our field team, generates 18,000 records of property sales and rentals globally every day.

Our entire business is underpinned by our proprietary Property EngineTM.

Our unique and custom-designed system has taken over 3 years to develop by our team of mathematicians and data scientists, and uses cutting edge machine learning to analyse and filter over 14 million datasets every day, in order to determine when and where people are either selling or renting a property, as well as if they are using it for a holiday home.

This information is then individually validated physically by our nationwide Spotter Team. All of this is done in a GDPR-complaint way.

Once validated, this data becomes available to any and all of our partners for use in their campaign, either on a license basis or as the foundation for one of our marketing campaigns.

As a marketing partner of Mailman Media, you would gain access to these GDPR-compliant databases and Property EngineTM which are unavailable anywhere else, thus ensuring little competition for your products and services and a far more responsive audience, resulting in high engagement and conversion rates.