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From large multinationals to boutique enterprises, we help a variety of companies generate significant revenue growth.

Every week there are over 50,000 home moves in the UK. This produces a total spend on goods and services of over £9.5 billion – a considerable market that we facilitate our partners to take advantage of.

With our unique databases and direct mailing services, all powered by our proprietary Property EngineTM, we have a proven track record of assisting a wide range of businesses to acquire a large number of customers on a regular basis, generating significant increases in revenue and net profit through cost effective marketing campaigns which consistently outperform online marketing methods.

Below are just a selection of some of the sectors our marketing partners come from and how we assist them in increasing their profitability and customer acquisition.

We work with some of the largest names in the industry to promote their home sharing service to people looking to rent out a property. In 93% of cases, property owners are able to generate more income from their rental property as a holiday let than as a long-term rental. This considerable financial incentive has enabled us to generate significant levels of new hosts signing up to the services of the home sharing platforms we work with.   

There has been an explosion in the growth of companies on a regional, national and international basis, that offer a home sharing management service to hosts that use home sharing platforms. We have experience of working with several of the largest companies to assist in recruiting more hosts which has resulted in significant increases to revenue and profits and gained them a significant advantage over competitors. 

When someone has made the decision to buy or sell a property, finding a property solicitor is usually one of the first calls they make.

The average cost of legal fees for buying or selling a property is £1,300.

Our experience has shown that a well-timed direct mail campaign from a trusted property solicitor business can convert between 1-12 customers for every 100 prospects contacted. This has generated a significant stream of customers on a regular basis for the current property solicitors using our service.

While most people buying or selling a property are willing to wait the normal 3-6 months timescale expected in the current market, there are a number that want or need to sell their property quickly and are willing to consider property buying companies that offer a fast sale.

With our intimate knowledge of the property sales cycle, we are able to engage property sellers at the right time to market the services of property buying companies.

Depending on the offers made in relation to the property’s market value, property buying businesses have been able to successfully convert 1-4 customers for every 100 prospects contacted. Given that each property sale can generate tens of thousands of pounds of profit, our service offers an exceptional return on investment for our property buying partners.  

Attracting and acquiring new instructions and customers for estate agents / property management companies can be both expensive and time consuming. With our proprietary databases and responsive direct mailing campaigns, we are able to assist these companies to achieve significant increases in customer acquisitions and instructions that provide significant benefits to revenues and profits.

Historically customers from this industry have acquired 1-6 customers for every 100 prospects contacted, which significantly outperforms other marketing methods they have used. 

In general, property owners are more affluent than non-property owners in the UK. This provides a source of potential customers for businesses that operate in the financial services industry when they are open to making other financial decisions in their lives.

We have worked with companies in the financial service industry including credit card companies, insurance brokers, as well as pensions and investments advisors, to name but a few.

Depending on the nature of the offer, a well-timed direct mail using our unique databases with an effective call to action has generated 1-7 customers per 100 prospects contacted, producing a considerable level of new sales for financial service businesses. 

With the vast majority of property buyers using a mortgage, mortgage brokers have used our service to connect to a large network of property buyers looking for a mortgage.

Analysis of conversion rates show that a well-timed, personalised direct mailing to a prospect on one of our databases can achieve 1 – 12 customers for every 100 contacted. With lenders offering around 0.3 to 1% of mortgage amount as a commission to mortgage brokers, our service provides a significant return on investment to our customers. 

With the average property move costing over £8,600, there is a substantial amount of business and revenue potential for a full range of services provided by a number of contractors to capture some of this home moving spend.

We have helped a wide range of partners from a variety of contracting businesses to acquire a significant amount of this home moving spend. This includes electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cleaners, painters and decorators to name a few.

With either national or local reach, our bespoke direct mail campaigns have provided both local and national contractors a significant return on investment and a steady flow of new business. 

Once a property sale is nearing completion, it is likely that a removal company’s services will be required.

Given that the average value of a home move is £1,250, there is a significant level of revenue that can be generated for removal companies.

We have intimate knowledge of the property sale cycle and know when the best time is to contact our prospects for a removal company service. This ensures that our partners typically convert 1 – 8 customers per 100 prospects contacted, which has provided a significant source of additional revenue for our removal company partners. 

Research has shown that house moving generates a wide selection of ‘one-off’ purchases either to assist in the sale / rental of their current property or for the property they are moving into. These could be anything from new blinds, curtains, flooring, furniture, heating, windows, doors or solar panels to name a few.

For most people, the choice of company to buy from is determined by having the right product and offer at the right time.

We have a track record of knowing the property move process intimately so as to target our prospects at the right time with the right offer to ensure the conversion rate is maximised.

Subject to the product / service and price point, suppliers have been able to generate anything from 1 to 4 sales per 100 prospects contacted. This has produced significant additional sales for these businesses on a regular basis in a very cost-effective way. 

Each property move necessitates the new occupier to arrange utility services for the new property. This includes electricity, water, internet as well as a host of other services.

The average household in the UK spends £1,000s on utilities each year meaning that each new customer brings significant increased revenue for the companies that work with us.

With our proven marketing methods, we have been able to achieve conversion rates of up to 4 new customers for every 100 prospects contacted. This has enabled utilities company partners to generate thousands of new customers on a regular basis. 

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