Mailman Media

Gain more customers and supercharge your sales, by using our proprietary Property EngineTM

Mailman Media is a recognised and trusted data-driven, technology empowered digital platform that operates in the global property market. We provide bespoke marketing campaigns to our property-related partners using direct marketing that consistently outperforms online marketing to substantially increase sales and marketing spend return on investment. We also license use of our GDPR-compliant proprietary property databases.

In each country we operate, we utilise our machine learning powered Property EngineTM, backed by physical human validation via our nationwide Spotter Team, to provide our partners with proprietary and exclusive ‘first-mover’ access to potential customers who are either selling, buying or renting their properties, in addition to those that operate in the holiday home / short-term rental market.

For our marketing partners, our service means more customers, which generates more sales and so increases the return on investment of your marketing spend. In fact, our system works so effectively that we consistently outperform online marketing!

Contact us today to discover how we can assist your business win more customers and become more profitable. 

Property EngineTM has been developed in-house to collect and validate over 18,000 new daily records of property sales and rentals worldwide. These exclusive databases underpin how we can dramatically increase our marketing partners’ profitability.

Data Services

License our proprietary databases to access up to 18,000 new property sales and rental prospects every day.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We produce highly responsive direct mail campaigns to promote your products and services to our databases. 

Lead Generation

Fix your marketing spend and track your ROI easier by letting us generate highly converting leads for your company.

Revenue Share

For a select number of companies with a proven track record, we are able to work on a revenue sharing model.

Trusted by customers big and small

We are a leading provider of modern technology driven marketing and data solutions   that solve their needs to drive new customer acquisitions, increase revenue and increase overall profitability,