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From large multinationals to boutique enterprises, we help a variety of companies generate significant revenue growth.

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We offer 4 services to our partners depending on their budget, business model and requirements.

A. Licensed use of our exclusive proprietary Property EngineTM and databases

Using our Property EngineTM and our in-the-field Spotter Team, we gather and validate over 18,000 records of property rental and sales worldwide every day. This data is exclusive to us and can be licensed to provide marketing partners with an abundant amount of highly targeted prospects for their products and services with very high conversion rates.

B. Direct mail to each prospect through our Property EngineTM

 With this method we print, envelope and post your direct marketing message to our exclusive property related databases and you handle calls / enquiries directly. If you would prefer, we can also assist with the design and copywriting.

Depending on the volume required by a partner, the cost to print the marketing materials, envelope them, cover the data license fee, and post can be cheaper than the cost of a single stamp!

C. Pay Per Qualified Lead Using Our Property EngineTM

If you are looking for more direct control over your marketing costs, we can sometimes offer a pay per lead service whereby partners pay for each lead generated.

This has the benefit of fixing the costs and allows some companies to track the return on investment more easily. With this service, we work with you to design a campaign that optimises your offering and our Property EngineTM to provide a steady and consistent stream of highly qualified leads for your business.

Call us on 0800 987 7337 to discuss this further with us. 

D. Revenue Share Model

For a select number of businesses that are able to demonstrate a proven track record of converting prospects into customers, we can sometimes work on a revenue share model between us and the business.

Please note we normally require to have worked with a business for some time before this service is available.

Each of our marketing partners receive a bespoke service that is personalised to their needs and budgets. Because of this, it is hard to give a specific and exact price for each campaign until we understand your objectives. However as a starting point and depending on the volume, our data licensing services start at just £0.05 / $0.05 per record. 

As our long list of repeat customers demonstrates, we ensure that every campaign is as successful as possible. We consistently outperform online marketing’s return on investment and in most cases, become the main source of customers and sales for our partners. In fact, some campaigns generate over 1,200% return on the marketing budget spent.

In short, because we make our marketing partners far more profit that the cost of our service. We generate significant increases in customers as well as drive growth and bottom-line profit.

Our unique databases combined with our Property EngineTM , means we are able to expose your products and services to a large, responsive and underserved audience of prospective buyers.

The first step to increasing the profitability of your business is to first understand how it works and your objectives so that not only do we ensure we meet them, but exceed them as well.

The best way to do this would be via a FREE consultation, please call us on 0800 987 7337